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Affordable Web Design Services

Each day there are 1.6 billion people online worldwide, nearly 24% of the world's population.

It is therefore surprising, that there are still many businesses that don't have a website. What is the reason?
In some cases it is the cost of building and maintaining a website, in other cases is the lack of knowledge, the hassle involved and not knowing where to begin.

We have therefore decided to create web design options that are guaranteed to appeal to every budget and every need. You can start small, with a simple, one-page, template-based website, and then add pages and options as and when you need.

It is almost like ordering a pizza, we offer you the base, you pick the toppings. Or if you want a ready-made Siciliana, with some advice on how to serve it thrown in, go to the

Web Design Packages

page to learn about your options. 

Professional Websites for any budget


- A one page, template-based micro site, that acts as your online business card. Inexpensive, effective, ideal for people who are on a limited budget or just starting up. You can upgrade it to a full website, when your business grows..... 

- A landing page is an important part of your online marketing strategy. It is a single web page with a specific goal in mind - to compel the visitors to give their email address in return for a free  information, a product or some other benefit. Some Landing Pages act as Sales Pages...


- This website option offers you a custom-designed website, with or without a Content Management System (CMS). You can have it as small or as big as you like, add extra pages when you require, spice it up with audio and video, add contact forms, polls, picture galleries, password-protected pages, merge it with a blog or a forum...

SMALL ECOMMERCE WEBSITE (Online Store) - This website design has the same functionality as a SMALL BUSINESS WEBSITE, plus it includes a product database, a PayPal Shopping and a Content Management System, so you can maintain your own price list and product inventory
Other Web Design and Development Services

Apart from designing websites, we also provide other web design and development services:
WordPress installation, WordPress Blog or Website design and customization (theme design, theme customization, seemless installation of the Blog into your existing website, installation of plugins and widgets)
Squidoo Lens creation

Planning your Website

According to Royal Pingdom, at the end of December 2009, the number of websites on the internet exceeded 234 million, with 47 million added  in 2009.

Unfortunately only a small percentage of those websites generate any traffic and sales. If you would like your website to be among those few that make it to the top of Google search results, you need to plan it well and have a good strategy for promoting it.

If you plan it well, your website can be your best sales person, working for you 24/7, 365 days a year, and the expense to get it right will be negligible in comparison to its earning potential. Click here to find out more on

"How to plan your Website".

Website Design and Online Marketing Packages

If you prefer a comprehensive Online Marketing Solution that offers you, apart from the web design, everything else you need to market your business successfully online, please go to our Packages page.

All our

Website Design and Online Marketing Packages

come with Keyword Research, Competitive Research, Domain Registration, Hosting and a Strategy session, so if you buy any package through us, we will make sure that your website is properly constructed and it delivers what it should.
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